Did the son of the Brazilian president lie about his father’s infection with Codvid19?

Do you know a possibility, that doubters are crazy? The guys in the current Brazilian government are so, but so ignorant that I don’t doubt anything that Eduardo Bolsonaro wanted to say was a good result, when he said “positive”. That is, not as “positive for the presence of the virus”, but “positive for well-being”. Here in Brazil, when a person wants to say “everything is fine” or “Ok”, they also say “POSITIVE!” But it is absurd not to understand at all, the terminology adopted in the health sector, that is, but as I said, the guys are ignorant and lie too much, so I do not doubt that Bolsonaro’s son lied to reassure, but the the shot backfired … It would be a lot of ignorance of the adopted terminology, but nothing impossible considering its origin.

Brazil President Bolsonaro’s son claims father tested negative for coronavirus despite earlier reports | Fox News