Buchis on a Boat

I’ve just completed a Marine Weather course, which I found very interesting and I’d definitely recommend it even if you aren’t dependent on the wind to get where you’re going. In addition to teaching you how to read Weather Maps, you also learn: weather and wave predictions, passage planning and storm avoidance all based on various indicators such as cloud formations and barometric pressure and air temperature trends, wind direction and shifts etc etc.

If you are interested in this subject that affects everyone read on. I’ve copied my notes below for future generations of brain cells.


The wind velocity is often described with the Beaufort scale and  is a function of many factors. There are belts of High (areas of high pressure) and Low (areas of low pressure) pressure systems that circle the globe. The Highs are roughly located at the poles and +/- 30 to 40° latitude (“Horse Latitudes”)…

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