However, Saudi Arabia and Syria is not the only arena where Trump is actually strengthening Iran.  Iraqi protest leader Dr. Nakeeb Saadoon, who heads the National Rally Call of Iraq, stated that the Trump administration refuses to support the Iraqi people in their struggle to boot Iran out of Iraq, “We are surprised by this administration.  On the one hand, they are against Iran but on the other hand, they are with the Iraqi government, which is loyal to Iran.  This makes the Iraqi people worried.  99 percent of the Iraqi people are ready to get rid of Iran from Iraq.  This is the last chance the US has.”  If the Iraqi government falls, then instantly Iran and Hezbollah will become weaker for Tehran would lose lands essential for the Shia Crescent.  However, this fact is not enough in order to convince Trump to help the Iraqi protesters.  

Op-Ed: Has US President Donald Trump become a paper tiger? – Foreign Policy Blogs