I’ll show you how to play: ‘Yesterday’, assholes protested the annihilation of an Iranian general, terrorist promoter and bloodthirsty oppressor of his own people, but when the Iranian army takes down a commercial plane killing 176 innocents, all what you hear is the absolute silence.

The other day, too, the UN declared that Cuba’s ‘More Doctors’ program, which burdened Brazil’s public coffers with more than $ 1.7 billion, really was a kind of slave labor, which we already knew. But imbeciles who claim the UN is part of a world domination scheme, called ‘globalism’ to impose socialism on the people, said nothing, only criticized the PT governments in Brazil and the Cuban involved. It matters no consideration about being mistaken about the UN, as this would testify against one of the main premises of his theory of domination.

It’s simple, just SELECT the data that interests you and build your NARRATIVE to COMPLETE what you already want. That simple! And everything goes by as if there is nothing else, as if reality doesn’t matter at all.

Anselmo Heidrich
January 11, 2020

Image “imbécile favoris pitre chapeau” (source): https://svgsilh.com/fr/image/1295112.html